It’s still greener

The chemical industry must become more environmentally friendly. But not every strategy is sustainable in the long term. Which approaches are useful. The undesirable side effects of material prosperity are seldom as obvious as the colorful plastic mix of bottles, flip-flops and fishing nets that blemishes some holiday beaches. Most of the potentially harmful chemicals in the environment are invisible […]

Place there!

There is displacement competition in the Dachau flora: so-called neophytes spread at the expense of native species. How environmentalists in the county are responding to the problem. A battle rages between rodents in Europe: the gray squirrel from North America is in the process of ousting the native squirrel. In England, for example, there are “only remnants” […]

Which tree is ideal for urban greening?

Urban trees now have to withstand climate change. This can mean that new species are needed. A row of tall trees with a spreading dark green crown lines a small street near Stuttgart’s town hall. Last year, Eberhardstrasse was redesigned to be car-free, parking spaces were replaced with green spaces and seating. Here you can see on a small scale […]

German environmental award for climate commitment

The scientist Ottmar Edenhofer and two young entrepreneurs from Limburg are honored. For their particularly economical use of energy and resources, a couple of entrepreneurs from Limburg received the German Environment Prize this year. The siblings Annika and Hugo Sebastian Trappmann share the award, endowed with 500,000 euros, with the director of the Potsdam Institute for […]

Air pollution is Europe’s greatest environmental health threat

According to the European Environment Agency, there are 630,000 premature deaths from environmental factors every year in the EU – 400,000 are caused by air pollution alone. More than 400,000 people die each year in the European Union as a result of air pollution . This is the result of a report by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The report analyzed […]

Bahn and Air India do without single-use plastic

New Delhi (dpa) – In India, the railways and the state airline Air India do without single-use plastic. The two innovations are part of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to ban single-use plastic entirely in his country by 2022. At the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Indian founding father and freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi, Modi […]

The saviors of the rainforest

The Olching honorary citizen Josef Aicher founded an organization to protect tropical tree areas. During a press conference in the Congo, the missionary reports on the struggle for nature against foreign investors Every year the latest smartphone, a couple of times a year going on vacation and in summer the beef steak from the biologically correct […]

Climate change also endangers Australia’s platypus

Canberra (dpa) – More frequent and prolonged periods of drought in the wake of climate change also threaten one of Australia’s most impressive creatures: the platypus. The number of egg-laying mammals is threatened to dwindle by half to a good two thirds in the next 50 years, and their range by a third to a […]

Caught cold

Extremely climate-damaging refrigerants for air conditioning systems often reach Europe illegally. The smuggling calls into question the EU’s strategy to promote environmentally friendly alternatives. At the beginning of July, the EU anti-fraud authority, Olaf for short, achieved a great success for climate protection : the investigators seized 14 tons of so-called partially fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFCs) from China that […]

Aviation has so far contributed 3.5 percent to global warming

Oberpfaffenhofen (dpa) – According to a new study, aviation has so far contributed around 3.5 percent to man-made global warming. This is the conclusion of an international team of researchers in the journal “Atmospheric Environment”. The industry emitted 32.6 billion tons of CO2 between 1940 and 2018, according to a message from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), […]

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