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According to the study, new EU climate targets for 2030 can only be achieved with great difficulty

The tightening of the EU climate targets would lead to a drastic change in energy and transport, according to a new study. But it could be implemented. According to a study, the considered tightening of the EU climate target for 2030 means a drastic change in energy and transport. In ten years’ time, 60 to 88 percent of all […]

Record increase in greenhouse gas concentration

The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has never risen as quickly as it did last year. The reasons: human activity, the El Niño weather phenomenon and droughts in the tropics. GenevaAccording to measurements by climatologists, the greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere has never risen as quickly as it did last year. In addition to […]

Climate change is already affecting health

The CO2 concentration is increasing at record speed. Emissions must be reduced more massively than planned in order to avert a climate catastrophe – and the heat is already affecting many people’s health today. Shortly before the world climate conference in Bonn, UN organizations, doctors and economists sound the alarm. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the […]

Climate protection is displacing nature conservation

By fixating on climate protection and phasing out coal, politicians and ecologists are neglecting specific nature conservation. Saving the world has priority. Now finally some of the big players came to Bonn for the World Climate Conference on Wednesday: Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. In the past few days, it was mainly non-governmental organizations that had dominated […]

Too much meat consumption, too much clearing – Climate Council presents report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will publish a special report on Thursday. In focus: climate change and land use. But the report could also contain a sharp warning to the world’s population. GenevaAround 820 million people worldwide are undernourished. On the other hand, there is very high meat consumption that uses up a lot of land and […]

Higher CO2 prices for green economic miracle

The EU wants to impose a sustainability scheme on asset managers. The money industry is already preparing. Stanislaus von Thurn und Taxis for the benefit of the climate protests and setting the course for politics. Stanislaus Prinz von Thurn und Taxis (32) recently became Head of Sustainability Research (ESG) at asset manager Flossbach von Storch AG in […]

Environmentalists concerned: will Africa become a new dumping ground for plastic waste?

The world’s strictest ban on plastic bags applies in Kenya. But environmentalists fear that this could change – but that would also have consequences for other countries. Kenya is a role model in the fight against plastic waste that pollutes Africa . The world’s strictest ban on the use, manufacture and import of plastic bags has been in effect here for three years . But maybe […]

CO₂ levels in the atmosphere are breaking records

The concentration of greenhouse gas will soon be higher than it has ever been in the past millions of years. But what does that mean for the future? The way to the secrets of the earth’s history often leads to the sea floor. There are fossils from bygone times in the rock layers – a treasure for […]

More than 200 environmentalists killed last year

Environmental activists are often murdered for fighting illegal mining or deforestation, the non-governmental organization says. In some countries, their use is particularly dangerous. Protests against mines and deforestation, hydropower plants and large farms are dangerous in many places: According to a count by the non-governmental organization Global Witness, at least 212 environmentalists were killed worldwide. That’s an average of […]

Where did all the bees go?

Farmers are already feeling the consequences of insect death. Without wild bees and other pollinators, fewer apples, cherries and blueberries end up on supermarket shelves. “Man of work, woke up and recognize your power, all wheels stand still when your strong arm wants it,” says the founding song of the General German Workers’ Association, from which […]

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